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Training Workshops

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Our approach

We offer in-house, online training for researchers and other university staff at all career stages. These workshops can be arranged for whatever time and length suits your centre, department, faculty, or network. 

Because we only work within higher education, all of our training is tailored to the needs of academics and their colleagues, and the challenges presented by communicating research to non-academic audiences. 

Our current workshops are listed below and more information is available in our training directory.  

  • Laying the Foundations of Research Impact

  • Introduction to Planning and Managing Research Communications

  • Tools of the Trade: Communications in practice

  • Audience and Message: Developing your strategy

  • Writing for Policy Professionals

If you have any questions about our workshops - including the options for co-developing bespoke training - please do get in touch.  

Let's talk

We have experience of working alongside projects of all sizes, including interdisciplinary or multi-institutional settings, sometimes focussed on a single report. Research comes in all shapes and sizes, just like the audiences for your work and the challenges of connecting the two. That's what makes it fun.  
If you'd be interested in talking about your work and finding out whether we can help, why not get in touch?

Keep connected

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"Nick is great to work with, his facilitation skills are great and the five modules he runs are extremely helpful to our researchers. They have been the sessions with the highest attendance we have had in a long time and this reflects how great Nick’s content is. We have booked our next block and look forward to it!"

Jenna Heatlie

Edinburgh Napier University

"I have really enjoyed all five of Nick’s sessions! They have been engaging and extremely helpful when working with multiple stakeholders."

"These sessions are very interesting and give relevant insight. Very informative and I have come away from each learning a lot in just 60 minutes."


"Nick is a great facilitator, the sessions are informative and have recommended to other colleagues."

Workshop participants

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