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Inquiries Heath Check

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The inquiries health check is a specialist service for research centres and projects that submit evidence to parliamentary and governmental inquiries. The health check consists of a review of recently submitted evidence and feedback on what's working well and how they they might be improved. 

The feedback will usually be provided in the form of a short report with the option of a workshop to discuss its recommendations and next steps. 

All reviews are undertaken my Nick Bibby, one of the UK's most experienced policy engagement professionals, who has worked with academics, government officials and parliamentary clerks across the UK. 

What do we do?

We will work with you to tailor an approach that works best for you but examples of the tools we might use include:

Goal Setting Session

A simple workshop session that can help draw out the main goals of your project or activities as they will be understood by key partners or other audiences for your work and the processes and tools that can help you connect with them.

Review and Report

Reviewing your existing materials and practices can help identify both areas for improvement and opportunities to repurpose that work. This review would lead to a report with recommendations and would typically also involve a workshop for all researchers or a briefing with the PI or leadership team.

Design and Support

Working with you and your colleagues, we'll develop an engagement or impact strategy and, where necessary, provide the tools and training to enable you and your team to deliver it. We'll arrange regular check-ins during the lifecycle of your project and offer an on-call service in case you run up against any problems. 

Measuring Progress
Let's talk

We have experience of working alongside projects of all sizes, sometimes in interdisciplinary or multi-institutional settings, sometimes focussed on a single report. Research comes in all shapes and sizes, just like the audiences for your work and the challenges of connecting the two. That's what makes it fun.  
If you'd be interested in talking about your work and finding out whether we can help, why not get in touch?

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