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Plug & Play Project Support

Social Science Connected provides support for your project every step of the way. We offer expert guidance and advice, and can help you make the right connections - at the right time - to get your ideas across to policymakers, practitioners, opinion shapers and the general public. We won't get in the way when we're not needed but we're on call when we are. 

What we do

Social Science Connected works with academics and their professional services colleagues to help them promote their work to the world beyond the academy. 


We do this in three main ways, although the way they are applied reflects the particular needs of each situation. 


We provide training workshops around the related topics of research communications, knowledge mobilisation and impact. A full list of the workshops is available here

We also undertake reviews of existing communications and impact activity and offer feedback. 

We also offer a 'plug and play' communications service, which gives projects access to the highest level of research communication and knowledge mobilisation expertise without the cost and delay of recruiting members of staff.  

Policy engagement audit 

Connecting with policymakers is difficult and it can be a challenge to get the message and materials right. The audit takes a look at your existing activities, which might include reports, evidence submitted to inquiries, newsletters or blogs, events and social media, and makes practical recommendations based on years of experience. 

Training Workshops

Having provided training to literally thousands of academics on how to connect with non-academic audiences, our sessions can be general and introductory, or more tailored to particular problems. 
We can deliver a workshop just for your centre, department, faculty, or network, or you can join one of our regular online events.

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