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'Plug & Play' communications solutions for research projects
Training for researchers at all career stages
Review and feedback on policy engagement materials & activities
Hands-on help managing projects 

For scholars at all career stages, the impetus has never been greater to reach over the academy wall and connect with the world outside. Effective research communications can be the key to developing relationships with government, practitioners & the media, mobilising knowledge to create impact and engage new partners, and meeting the expectations of funders. 

Social Science Connected offers a range of services tailored to the needs of academics and those working with them: 

  • 'Plug & Play' Communications Support for Research Centres

Working with research centres and projects that either don't have in-house communications support or would welcome an outside perspective. You tell us what you need, we start when you do. We can discuss your needs and costs as part of a bid, where that's helpful. 


  • Online Training Workshops

We offer a suite of online workshops to research centres or networks, departments, doctoral training partnerships and other groups. We can also develop bespoke training and workshop events to address your particular needs.  

  • Policy Engagement Audit

We can review submissions to parliamentary or governmental inquiries, and similar material and make recommendations on how to increase its efficacy. 

  • KEI Strategy Coaching for Research Leaders

Whether you​'re a new PI, or just new to this problem, there's absolutely nothing that says you should magically know how work with the press, connect with government officials or manage social media. We're happy to help. 

Practical help for PIs and other research leaders
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